Ladell McLin - Stand Out 2005
Исполнитель: Ladell McLin
Страна: USA
Альбом: Stand Out
Жанр: Blues-rock
Год выхода: July 12, 2005
Формат: WMA 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 37:16
Размер: 52,05 Mb (+3%)
Рекомендую!!! Всем, кому по душе творчество Jimi Hendrix
Ladell McLin, guitarist, singer, and songwriter originally from the South Side of Chicago.
He looks like a right-handed, modern-day Jimi Hendrix, and if he isn't aping The Great One with his guitar, he sure is doing a Rich Little-level vocal impression. Hey, he even segues into solos by announcing that he's gonna play his guitar now. Just in case you still don't see the resemblance, the visual is a power trio, black guy fronting two white cats. By now just about everyone should be on the right page; whether they're happy to have something new and interesting to listen to or irritated by the blatant copping of so many Jimiisms is another matter. Make no mistake, McLin is a genuine talent, a guitarist with a gift of grooves and hooks second to few. No surprise that one of his best tunes is called "Hooked," a song so loaded with fuzzy vibe, hot solos and almighty "hook" it seems certain it's a classic from the Hendrix catalog you somehow missed the first time 'round. Living Colour's Vernon Reid joins in for the finale, burning the place down with incendiary blues solos on "Universe." Makes for a nice exclamation mark at the end of a pretty exciting album.
Ladell McLin - Guitar, Vocal
Swiss Chriss - Drums
John Davis - Bass