YEAR: 1996
STYLE: Symphonic Progressive Rock
FORMAT: APE (Image + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 488 Mb
COUNTRY: Holland
THE BAND: Erik de Vroomen / Keyboards, Bass pedals, Vocals; Jack Witjes / Guitars, Vocals; Jacky van Tongeren / Bass; Wolfram Dettki Bludeau / Drums and Percussions
CODA is a Dutch concept band created and headed by multi-instrumentalist Erik DeVroomen. With a strong emphasis on melody, their material is lushly symphonic and focuses on swirling keyboards (grand piano, novatron, clavinet and various synths played by DeVroomen), climactic moments and a few but heavily conceptual lyrics - imagine VANGELIS with some killer guitar and super-spacey segments. Between 1986 and 1996, the band released two albums and a mini CD.
Their first full-length album, "Sounds of Passion" (1986), features a 29-minute suite with lots of organ, horns and strings that give it a highly 'symphonic orchestra' feel. It is also full of mood and tempo changes as well as grandiloquent (and fortunately sparse, accented) vocals. As for the two short tracks that close the album, they are quite dispensable. Their second full-length cd, the ambitious "What a Symphony", is best described as classical music performed with modern instruments (a couple of nods are given to Mahler and Bach, in passing). Ranging from aggressive to pastoral moods, the flow is somehow unfortunately broken with frequent jazzy solos that don't quite fit into the picture. Overall, however, it is a highly melodious album and boasts a much improved production over "Sounds of Passion".
Recommended for fans of CAMEL and TRACE, and to a lesser extent ELP.
Track Listing:
01-03.Overture (7.36)
05-12.Lament For Planet Earth (27.54)
15-17.Rise And Eclipse Of The Sun (16.03)
18-20.What A Symphony (12.29)
The Band:
-Erik de Vroomen / Keyboards,
Bass pedals, Vocals
-Jack Witjes / Guitars, Vocals
-Jacky van Tongeren / Bass
-Wolfram Dettki Bludeau / Drums and Percussions
-And many more