YEAR: 2000
STYLE: Symphonic Progressive Rock
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 358 Mb
THE BAND: Alberto Curi / keyboards & vocals; Vinicius Brazil / acoustic, electric & synth guitars; Fernando Carvalho / electric & synth basses; Brandon Ramos / drums
Out of Brazil comes a new band called AETHER. They are playing a progressive rock that is a mix between CAMEL, Classical & New Age Music, Mike OLDFIELD, PINK FLOYD, UK and Rick WAKEMAN. The musicians are good although the drum sound sometimes reminds of a drum machine. The songs are often very beautiful, dreamy and "floating". There are a lot of different sounds: children playing, ocean-waves against the shores, birds singing etc., and together with the music it creates atmospheric soundscapes. My favorite tracks are "A New Bright Day", "Kings & Knights", "November" and "The Lake". Overall it's a very beautiful and relaxing CD that I think many would enjoy if they got the chance to hear it.
Excellent Brazillian classic symphonic progressive rock with rich melodies and great instrumentation throughout. "Visions" is apparently an album made up of songs dating back over 20 years from AETHER's past all newly recorded and for the first time available on CD! Although the vast majority of the album is instrumental in nature, a couple of tracks do contain the excellent vocals of Alberto Curi. Songs are well written and played with a high degree of professionalism with some real nice guitar and keyboard performances. Although "Visions" is made up of shorter numbers in the 5 minute range, it includes a mini epic 6 part suite called the "Altenburg Suite" which is the center piece of the album. This number would make a great movie soundtrack in my opinion being so full or orchestration. In fact the album is really divided in 2 with the first half being slightly more electric and the second half much more orchestral. "Visions" is very well recorded sounding simply delicious with a wide dynamic sound and is clearly destined to be a classic
Track Listing:
The Band:
- Alberto Curi / keyboards & vocals
- Vinicius Brazil / acoustic, electric & synth guitars
- Fernando Carvalho / electric & synth basses
- Brandon Ramos / drums
Special Guest Musicians:
- Eduardo Campos / piano solo and organ on "Essence Of Freedom"
- Glauco Fernandes / violin solo on "The Lake" and "The Woods"