YEAR: 1979
STYLE: Rock Progressivo Italiano
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 283 Mb
THE BAND: Fabrizio De Andrè / vocals, acoustic guitar; Franz Di Cioccio / drums, percussions; Patrick Djivas / bass; Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitars, vocals; Flavio Premoli / keyboards, vocals; Roberto Colombo / keyboards, percussions, vocals; Lucio "Violino" Fabbri / fiddle, percussions
This album (recorded live in Florence and Bologna on January 1979) marks the meeting between one of the most influent Italian singer-songwriters and one of the most influent Italian progressive-rock bands. PFM re-arranged some of the best De Andrè's songs and gave them new life. You can hear here a perfect mix of poetry and music, with the voice of De Andrè dressed up in progressive nuances. It's very difficult to me give the sense of the lyrics in just a few lines, but I think that the comprehension of the lyrics is very important to completely enjoy this album. "Bocca di Rosa" (the original version is in "Brassens style") tells the story of a young "pretty woman" arriving in a little village and driving mad of jealousy the other women; "Andrea" is about a "peasant become soldier" loosing himself and his love in war; "Giugno '73" describes a very personal situation; "Un giudice" (One judge) is inspired by a poem of Edgar Lee Masters and tells the story of a little man (a dwarf) becoming judge; "La guerra di Piero" (The War Of Piero") is about the death of a young soldier and the stupidity of war; "Il pescatore" (The Fisherman) is about a fugitive murderer; "Zirichiltaggia" (in Sardinan's dialect) is about a fight between two shepherds because of inheritance matters; "La canzone di Marinella" was inspired by the death of a young prostitute, described in a very poetical way; "Volta la carta" (Turn up the card) is a kind of "nursery rhyme"; "Amico fragile" (Fragile Friend) has very personal lyrics (...and a wonderful guitar solo!)
Well, I think that this album is an absolute masterpiece and one "must-have" for every music lover.
Track Listing:
The Band:
- Fabrizio De Andrè / vocals, acoustic guitar
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums, percussions
- Patrick Djivas / bass
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitars, vocals
- Flavio Premoli / keyboards, vocals
- Roberto Colombo / keyboards, percussions, vocals
- Lucio "Violino" Fabbri / fiddle, percussions