YEAR: 1988
STYLE: Crossover Progressive Rock
FORMAT: FLAC (Image + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 411 Mb
THE BAND: Francis Dunnery - vocals, guitar; John Beck - keyboards; Richard Nolan - bass; Robert Dalton - drums
Their best album, without a doubt, and certainly their most progressive. With Steve Hillage co-producing a few of the tracks, it's clear again that IB had prog in mind for this, their second album. The album opens with the explosive, albeit rather poppy 'Midnight' and is followed up 'Kiss like Judas'; the hit single from OATW. With the pop out of the way the band plough into 'Yellow Christian' the first of three conceptual songs on the album. 'YC' is awash with Tony Banks style keyboards, and some quirky Yes-ish vocals, not to mention a few odd time signatures for good prog measure. This is not to say that this album is a rip off of other artists. IB always had their own style and sound, even though their three studio albums were all very different. 'Old man and the angel' was the second single from this album. As a single it failed miserably, but thats hardly surprising as it's a great song!! The CD unlike the vinyl has the full 9 minute version of OMATA, which in my view is the one of the best tracks on the album. The epic is the title track. A thirteen minute collage of English prog eccentricity, woven together by excellent musicianship. The album is well produced, well played and drips proffesionalism and confidence. It Bites were a sadly underated prog act in the 80's. Once described by Mark Lammar as 'Like Marillion with sex. A far more pallatable concept than sex WITH Marillion'
Track Listing:
The Band:
Francis Dunnery - vocals, guitar
John Beck - keyboards
Richard Nolan - bass
Robert Dalton - drums
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