YEAR: 1995
STYLE: Symphonic Progressive Rock
FORMAT: FLAC (Image + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 387 Mb
COUNTRY: Germany
THE BAND: Ralf Großmann / lead vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitar; Steffen Hermann / keyboards; Eva-Maria Baumann / flute, backing vocals; Hatwig Dieterich / bass; Joachim Lauber / drums; Thomas Glönkler / electric & acoustic guitar
One shot neo prog wonder! Their first and third albums were really not all that interesting , looks like they spent all their energies both musically and compositionally on this special gem. Murky cover artwork notwithstanding, this recording sizzles from the shining opener, the epic "One Life" , a three part mini-opus with stunning vocals courtesy of Ralph Grossmann, inventive clear production that highlights a strong rythm section and lots of mood changes and accelerations, culminating in the finale "Magic Eyes" . No real weak moments here , as demonstrated by "A Pair of Hands" and the pulsating finale "In Every Stranger's Eyes" . Great guitars, occasional flute, lush keys , solid bass and thumping drums not withstanding, its the material that really sticks to your brain, remaining very current/modern as opposed to another neo-Genesis clone. This is closer to The Cure than any Trick of the Tail!!! I am not an unconditional fan of vocals (let's all admit now, once and for all that real good singing is not one of current prog's forte, as we still consider Greg Lake as the best???? Go figure... ) but this recording really delivers the lyrics with gusto, passion and fire. Arguably, one of the 10 best Neo albums all-time, on par or better than any IQ, Arena,Marillion, Galahad or Pendragon .Give this a good serious listen , you will fall under the spell Now & Here. 4.5 doctored units
Track Listing:
(i) The spirit of nature
(ii) The spirit of man
(iii) Magic eyes
(i) F.M.
(ii) Dolphin's ride
(i) In the dark
(ii) Greater unknown
(iii) Now and here
The Band:
- Ralf Großmann / lead vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitar
- Steffen Hermann / keyboards
- Eva-Maria Baumann / flute, backing vocals
- Hatwig Dieterich / bass
- Joachim Lauber / drums
- Thomas Glönkler / electric & acoustic guitar
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