YEAR: 1981
STYLE: Prog Folk
FORMAT: APE (Image + Log + Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 247 Mb
THE BAND: Jose Arcaya / electric and acoustic guitars; Jose Luis Pastor / electric and acoustic guitars; Javier Ibanez / electric and acoustic guitars; Carlos Galindo / bass; Mikel Landa / flute, clarinet; Nando "Ringo" Abadia / drums
MAGDALENA was one of the few Spanish bands that actually bridged the work being done in both the Basque and Castilian progressive camps. While genetically Basque, and possessing some similarities to groups like ITOIZ, ENBOR and LISKER, they also incorporated influences from the progressive flamenco movement, such as GOTIC and GRANADA. They even sang a bit in Spanish, which seemed to be verboten among most Basque groups of the time. References to the Canterbury school especially can be discerned, but, while MAGDALENA was not as rough-cut or jammy as LISKER, their trio of guitarists playing in a fuzzy yet melodic style did provide a counterbalance to the airy flutes that frequently appeared. Still, this is song oriented prog even as it provides plenty of space for shifts and extended breaks.
Their sole album was a work that could only have come after both "schools" had firmly established themselves, hence the late release date of 1981. While this perspective in no way diminishes the significance of their release, it might explain why we are talking in the singular. LANEAN SARTZEN is highly recommended to a broad spectrum of progressive fans that can appreciate an ethnic eclectic mixture.
Track Listing:
The Band:
- Jose Arcaya / electric and acoustic guitars
- Jose Luis Pastor / electric and acoustic guitars
- Javier Ibanez / electric and acoustic guitars
- Carlos Galindo / bass
- Mikel Landa / flute, clarinet
- Nando "Ringo" Abadia / drums
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