YEAR: 2008
STYLE: Symphonic Progressive Rock/ Jazz Rock
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + .Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 390 Mb
COUNTRY: Hungary
THE BAND: Bazsó Tibor / sound engineer, vocals; Bogáti-Bokor Ákos / acoustic, electric and steel guitar, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, vocals, additional keyboards; Csergő Domokos / drums; Enyedi Zsolt / piano, Mellotron, Hammond, Rhodes, Moog; Fülöp Tímea / vocals; Jánosi Kinga / lead and backing vocals; Kósa Dávid / percussion and vocals; Kozma Kis Emese / flute; Vitályos Lehel / bass guitar
YESTERDAYS is a contemporary progressive rock band composed of seven musicians and belonging to the Hungarian minority of Western Romania. This Transylvanian band plays a complex blend of several styles: a basically classic symphonic Prog is redefined here with some jazzy, folk and atmospheric touches - all of these played with a youthful energy, inner light and sunny mood. Lyrics are in both English and Hungarian, and along with the fine instrumental passages they simply find the pathway to any old-school Prog-fan with an open heart and mind.
First conceived in 1997, Yesterdays is a lifelong product of the youthful talent of Bogáti-Bokor Ákos. This gifted, multi-instrumentalist, composer and studio wizard is the main driving force behind Yesterdays' starship. Stepping through the many constellations of the band, and working with several musicians, Bogáti-Bokor Ákos has developed his art to the highest standards, combining the classic Steve Howe-Trevor Rabin-Pat Metheny School of guitar playing with an inspired originality. In the early years Yesterdays released some very limited edition, self-produced works. These documents from that first era are now quite difficult-to-find, collectors' items! Years 2005-2006 brought a substantial increase in the band's sound potential, and the line-up and gear proved to be just right to make a jump-start into its next creative stage. Leader Bogáti-Bokor Ákos laid down the basics of the definitive debut album, signing all the music and most of the lyrics as composer-poet-arranger. The result was a work with a spiritual concept, a deep journey into the "Moonlit Garden", the land of an impossible love, the dream of the parts to be made whole, of the paradox of being present and being absent at the same time. And, as has been proving normal in their history, strong faith and steady work has put the band well into the Light. Miracles began to happen! Strengthened with Ákos' friend, Enyedi Zsolt's old-school keyboard sound, the self-produced work was ready to be released. This happened in a limited edition with a little help from some good people. This was the first major step in their new era, shortly followed by the international debut-act at Prog-Farm 2006 in the Netherlands. This outstanding live performance resulted in creating many friends and fans, and - as in any good fairy tale - led to the re-release of the mystical "Holdfénykert" album - this time by the distinguished French label Musea. As the band has come to be a Musea-artist, some wonderful experiences followed, many of them in international collaboration - e.g., their participation in the "Spaghetti Epic III", "Inferno" (this time playing together with Flower Kings bassist Jonas Reingold) and "Tuonen Tytär II" projects, all set up by the Finnish Colossus Magazine. With some welcome new blood in the line-up and a constant development in their gear, the band is stepping forward and upward, to redefine the progressive sound of Central/East Europe and bring a special flavour to the progressive scene of the 21st century.
Music and Message
It was not a coincidence that the name of Yesterdays was selected, but rather a very deliberate choice. As the band states, they are proud to bring forward the sacred heritage of such predecessors, as Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Sfinx, ELP and so on. But anyone could make this claim. What is it that makes Yesterdays a band which stands out from the crowd? First of all: they are not epigones! Yesterdays' merit is to apply the quintessence of the Yes-method: by building symphonic-structures with a large variety of instruments, using, with mastery, all the classical sounds of the mellotron, vintage analogue synthesizers and 70's guitars, as well as modern studio and live techniques and sound-experiments. And this is in addition to the electric and acoustic 'soundscapes', polyphonic vocal arrangements, a spectacular rhythm-section and a charming flute. As their forebears used to do it, every bit of the production fits perfectly into the whole: music, lyrics, artwork and stage-presence are just different manifestations of the same essence. Furthermore, as there are very few musicians or bands, which can create their own characteristic sound, so there are still fewer, which can move forward and leave behind their old ways. As the band stated in an interview: "Progressive music is a lesson for life, and has its message: We must never be rejective! Let our minds and hearts be open always for new musical adventures and spiritual challenges!" Following the band's evolution, and listening to the fresh songs of the new line-up, this credo has proved to be an effective and powerful engine. Secondly: they fulfill this mission in a rare and intelligent way! No overloaded structures, no prog-metal, no distorted sounds, no 73:59 long albums. Their mission displays nothing excessive or unnecessary; just a respectful humility for the music itself. And lastly: there's a very special sense of meaning in all of Yesterdays' work. Whether addressing the listener in English, singing in their mother-tongue, Hungarian, or just playing their delightful instrumental songs, the cosmic message is the same. Yesterdays is able to create an especially, intimate warmth, and with the specific, emotional depth of their music they can touch the listener's soul. Themes of life, love, and different colours of human nature are approached with a poetry and musicianship unheard of. Many of their fans have labeled Yesterdays' particular style: 'Genuine soul-Prog.'
Yesterdays is a gifted young band from Central/East-Europe, playing the music of yesterday in the manner of tomorrow. A unique band with a special intimate approach to the subject, characterised by an emotional, melodic, intense Symphonic Prog. They deserve every attention from all classical symphonic Prog lovers as well as of those fans, who are longing for the dreamy, fresh sound of the Prog-renaissance.
Tracks Listing:
---i. Your Colours
---ii. My Words
The Band:
Bazsó Tibor / sound engineer, vocals
Bogáti-Bokor Ákos / acoustic, electric and steel guitar, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, vocals, additional keyboards
Csergő Domokos / drums
Enyedi Zsolt / piano, Mellotron, Hammond, Rhodes, Moog
Fülöp Tímea / vocals
Jánosi Kinga / lead and backing vocals
Kósa Dávid / percussion and vocals
Kozma Kis Emese / flute
Vitályos Lehel / bass guitar